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FAS Media are a small, but perfectly formed media agency that designs for print, web, digital, film and motion graphics. Find out how we can help you.

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Everything we do...

First and foremost FAS Media was built upon graphic design at the core, and our founders were graphic designers. Graphic designers with backgrounds in print, web design, and motion graphics, but graphic designers at our heart.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is a broad term and encompasses a lot under that umbrella. Corporate design, such as Logo design and branding, to book layouts. We have designed murals for walls in schools and universities; we have created graphics for tee shirts from up and coming clothes labels.

Wikipedia states that graphic design “is the process of visual communication and problem-solving using one or more of typography, photography and illustration.”

Graphic designers create and combine symbols, images, and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages. The message that needs conveying and how to communicate it is part of the problem-solving aspect of graphic design.

Think of some of the best logos out there, and how they cleverly incorporate the message that they need to express using colour, fonts, and illustration. The problem-solving puzzle is one of the most exciting bits.

Graphic designers use typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to create visual compositions

Typical uses of graphic design include:
corporate design (logos and branding)
editorial design (books, magazines, and newspapers)
wayfinding or environmental design
web design
communication design
product packaging


Graphic Design and Illustration Rule!

For me, graphic design and illustration are two separate, but overlapping fields. Design, for me, is about problem-solving, about getting an end product by any means, which fits the brief or your idea as creative director.

Whereas illustration is between graphic design and art, not quite fine art, but almost. Illustration is so linked to the idea of illustrated children’s books and things like that. Whereas design can be combining existing elements, illustration is about creating an image from scratch.

Aa - Typography icon


What is typography? The clue is in the first three letters, just add an E… Type! Text or fonts, typography is all about choosing the correct font for the piece of graphic design as a whole.

Sometimes whole pieces can be created just by using carefully laid out fonts and text.

Fonts are often overlooked, but the right font choice can make or break an entire design. Usually, the copy of articles from magazines and newspapers will make up the majority of the page, though they may not be as attention-grabbing as the imagery, their presence on the page is usually the most crucial part. So they deserve your attention.

Still, don’t think typography is important? Before using Times New Roman again, ask yourself which font you would use to aim at children, versus teens, or adults. Comic book, jokes or serious? The design or fonts themselves will tell the reader a lot about the content, even if not in an obvious way.


Photography in graphic design represents the real, the photographic realism that is hard to achieve with illustration.
Illustration in comparison is much more open to interpretation, images are usually far more stylised in one of a million different ways, but stylised none-the-less. Photography is equated to accuracy. Yes, even though we all know that those fast-food burger chains’ product photos look WAY better than the real thing, we at least can know approximately what we are going to get when ordering. These backlit menus aren’t the place for illustrations or sketches of the burgers for sale.

In a recent article from creative bloq (https://www.creativebloq.com/inspiration/illustration-vs-photography-how-do-you-decide) they talk about photography vs. illustrations, they make some excellent points. Which style to use is one of the problem-solving points that graphic designers have to deal with. Below are some of the points they touch on in the article.

Our customers are often small businesses or people with a dream of creating a business in a particular market. On many projects, we are brought on at the Logo design stage for the company, and then create business cards, flyers, websites, and marketing for the company. We have helped lots of people build their business from the ground up, and it is hugely rewarding.

There are scenarios in which photography will be the natural choice for designers. One of the most important is where accuracy and trust are crucial to the aims of the design or the designer’s goal.

We tend to trust photos to give an accurate representation of a product, place or person (even though we all know that photoshop exists).

Photography can also help to convey an image of professionalism. Images that accurately reflect reality can help persuade consumers that a company is trustworthy, serious-minded and responsible, which would be very important for a bank or insurance company, for example.

In an increasingly faceless online business world, a lot of online companies like to have photos of their employees or at least management on their website, because it shows that there are real people behind the company, which creates a sense of trust.

Photography also makes sense when you want to convey the physical qualities of a product or service. For example, a photograph of a hotel bedroom from a luxury hotel brand will make you think “Wow, I want to stay there!” much more powerfully than a stylised sketch or illustration. Right?

There is an implied sense of WYSIWYG, even though in practice we all know that this can be pushed to the limits (fast food menus again).

As you can see, graphic design is fairly broad subject, but that also means that we can help with a lot of the problems you face during the inception and creation of your project.

Our customers are often small businesses or people with a dream of creating a business in a particular market. On many projects, we are brought on at the Logo design stage for the company, and then create business cards, flyers, websites, and marketing for the company. We have helped lots of people build their business from the ground up, and it is hugely rewarding.

Beautiful. Tactile. Print

We love print! Sure, maybe we are biased. But even in a digital age there is a place when print says so much more than any other medium. We have many years experience in print, more than we like to admit, which helps us to advise you on the best for your project. Books, flyers, postcards, business cards? We can help you achieve your goals on budget.

In fact, we love print so much that we set up an online printing website called fasprinting.co.uk to cater to our existing customers and new customers – with great quality print for all budgets. We have big plans, so stay tuned for everything that is yet to come from our sister site. We really do love print and love sharing that with others! Get over there to check out the great quality, low-cost print services we offer. Or drop us a line here 🙂

Print Services

Web Design

Everything. Connected.

We love designing and building websites, that people can enjoy wherever they are. The connected world is one that we have been developing for over a decade. From tinkering with website design while I was at school, the idea of people being able to see my website from anywhere in the world was thrilling. Things have changed and we are more connected than ever. Now people put having a website above having business cards or flyers. If you don’t have a website, how are you found in an increasingly online world?

We love helping get people online. A website tells your viewers so much about you and you have so much freedom with the message you wish to convey. We have helped people get their one-page ‘business card’ sites online, and we have helped people create large online shops and massive blogs with thousands of articles. The internet is what you make of it and we love helping people carve out their own little bit. Dream Big.

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Logos + Branding

When we started FAS, we designed a lot of logos and developed branding for many small businesses. We love being a part of that first developmental stage when a business is finding it own identity, personality and figuring out how to convey that to the world. A logo can be simple or complex, colourful or monotone. The possibilities are endless and that is part of the fun.

If you would like to talk logo design, then get in touch. A good logo gives a sense of quality and trust. So let us help you get your brand the attention it deserves.