Pre Production

From scripts, or just an idea. We can help visualise your project from the very beginning.


Shooting video or digital film in 4K or HD, helping get your project created on a budget.

Editing + Colour

Editing and colour grading, helping piece together your project and find it’s voice.


Pushing the boundaries. Green screen, compositing, set extension and CGI.

Hello! Welcome to FAS Films

We can help you with your project from concept, scripts, and filming through to the final output. We can also help with existing footage and edit or embellish footage to your requirements.

Don’t let your hard work be brought down by sloppy editing or poor audio. We can help at any stage of production.

If you’d like a professional result without breaking the bank to achieve it, then why not get in touch to see how we can help you. We offer a versatile and flexible service.

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Full Production












Enhance Audio


Colour Grading



Film Production

Do you know what you’re looking for but don’t have access to the facilities required to film? Hiring a specialised filming company can be a complicated and very expensive business. Why not speak to us. Using DSLR cameras for their beautiful depth of field and interchangeable lenses, we can also use 4K cameras from Blackmagic and RED as needed.

We can work with you to film the footage required. This can be especially helpful when there is a certain effect that needs to be achieved in post production, we can often provide a filming method that produces the best result in the finished product.

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We have the facilities to capture your footage from most standard sources. The footage is then input and edited in Final Cut Pro, Premiere, or Da Vinci Resolve to match your workflow. These products have proved their ability over the years to become industry standards for editing.


From the initial concept, idea and script, we can help. Pre-production – though often overlooked – is arguably one of the most important parts. A great idea is worth its weight in gold, and a solid script is the project’s foundation.

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Visual Effects

We can provide a large range of visual effects, many of which can dramatically change a simple piece of footage and some that are added purely to improve the overall look and finesse. These include:
Morphing, Green Screen/Background Replacement, Compositing, Colour Correction, Film Grain, Camera Tracking, Digital Mattes and many others.
If you have something in mind then please get in touch to find out how we can help.


We prefer receiving the footage via file transfer or on media such as hard drive, flash storage, SD, CF, SSD etc. We also have the facilities to capture your footage from most older sources.


Motion Graphics

Though the fine line between effects and motion graphics can be blurred, there are also many differences. Motion graphics can include things as simple as animating a logo, to combining; photos, illustrations, video, logos, and sound or actual video production.
Motion graphics can provide the eye-catching aspect that helps make your product video, advert or short film stand out above the rest. Our designers can produce artwork specifically for the motion graphics or we can work with your existing artwork to provide you with the type of motion graphic that is right for you.