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Let us help you get online, get noticed, and take your business to the next level. Web design, SEO, SEM & PPC, digital marketing – we are here to help.

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Web Design,

FAS Media has been building engaging and beautiful websites for over a decade. But we are more than just a web design company.

We like to learn about our clients so we can tailor the website to them and their company's character.

Our focus is on creating responsive and beautifully designed websites, from one-page 'business card' sites to e-commerce solutions and news sites.

Coding and designing websites since childhood, we are constantly learning and looking out for what's next.


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Meet Our Web Designer in

Our lead web designer is Luke, and he has been designing and building beautiful, user-friendly websites and helping local businesses for over a decade.

"I built my first website at school. A few friends and I had started a band, which was a good excuse to make my first real website. I started with the basics and went from there. I was drawn to the fact you could build a website, and anyone in the world could see it. And unlike Facebook (or myspace back then), you had full control. It was yours. It was cool."

We love helping local businesses, and 80% of consumers use the web as their primary tool to search for local businesses, so you definitely need a website.

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Digital Marketing & SEO Services

We have helped many local and national businesses improve their search engine rankings and boost their business with search engine optimisation. For those that don't know what SEO is, answer this; would you build a shop in the middle of nowhere and not tell people it's there? No signposts? No flyers? Posters? A website without SEO is precisely that. "But google will know it exists!" I hear you cry. Maybe, but there are millions of websites, so why should Google care about yours? You need to give it a little helping hand, a little boost! That's SEO, and that is precisely what we do. Talk to us today to discuss your next marketing strategy.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) & PPC (Pay Per Click)

Today, search engine marketing is quite broad. Gone are the days of cheap tricks, and that's good. We can help get you noticed online, increase website traffic and convert your leads into sales. Google AdWords or Google Ads, Instagram & Facebook ads, and more. We can help.


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