About us

FAS Media was started in 2005 and it was the combination of designers, printers and web designers that gave us our direction.

We specialised in two areas; design and layout for print as well as web design and coding. The merger between digital and analogue has always been at the forefront of FAS media or Fartsake.

What’s in a name?

FAS and Fartsake aren’t arbitrary letters, it was our initial mission statement. From the latin Art for Art’s Sake, shortened as it was spoken to For Art’s Sake, and eventually F’ArtSake. It was playful but filled with layers of meaning. People laughed, but they remembered. When we were starting out we had to make people remember our name any way they could. When we registered the business we decided on the FAS moniker, For Art’s Sake was once again shortened still.

We tend to use Fartsake and FAS interchangeably, they both mean the same to us.

Some of our Work