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FJL Recycling – Waste Management

FJL Recycling is a waste management business based in west London. They needed a website that would show potential customers how they could help them. As a relatively new start-up at the time, we needed to get the site live fairly quickly.

We had already worked with FJL on a logo, and once the Logo design was finalised, we began on designing the website.

As a waste management company working in Hayes, Uxbridge and West London, they knew the market was already fairly competative. They wanted a website that would set them apart from the boring and overly corporate websites of their competitors.

We talked about a ‘friendly’ and ‘approachable’ look, and discussed the idea of the recycled paper background, as they specialised in “zero to landfill” recycling of commercial waste. They loved the idea and the website was created.


Zero to Landfill Waste Management

After a few years, they wanted to redevelop the website under our advice, as the old website was showing it’s age. As is the case with the internet, there are constant developments and improvements.

When the first version was developed, responsive websites hadn’t yet become standard and the CMS’s at the time were still in their infancy.

After wanting to achieve and even easier to update and maintain CMS, it was decided to transition from Joomla to WordPress as they had since become more familiar with the platform.

The new design went to an ultra-clean, modern design. We created new logos and artwork to show the sizes of wheelie bins, maps and other graphics.


FJL recycling website
fjl recycling waste management website

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