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Website design and Logo: We were asked to design a website and Logo for a local Locksmith company
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Star Locksmiths is a local locksmith in Hillingdon, Greater London. They specialise in residential and automobile locksmithing. When Star Locksmiths first approached us, they were looking for a new website fairly quickly. We also discussed online marketing and SEO and if they needed a logo.

On this project, we were in charge of the website, online marketing, and logo design.


Our brief was to create a local Locksmith website within a short time, create a logo, and start pushing their online visibility.

The customer already had a domain and hosting, so we started working on the website and logo in tandem.

Part of the brief was to incorporate the star icon into the branding and the website design. We were also asked to setup Google My Business ()map listings and possible an Instagram page once the website is complete.


We started working on the website in tandem with the logo design; this meant we could test how the logos look on the website as this will be where they are seen most. It also meant once we had a good website design that the client liked, we could swap the logos to see how they looked in situ.

The website we created was clean and modern, friendly and approachable, with an air of trust and reliability.

The online marketing project is ongoing, so we will update the project in the future.


This was a fun project, and the time constraints just meant we had to be careful with planning and time management. We tried to get the design of the website right first time, and mostly we did with only minor changes, so it worked out well.

The logo design was good, we had two creatives work on designs and work with the client to choose their favourite.

We will update the project in the future.