Website Design London

Web design is our passion. Building websites that are simple for customers and our clients to use.

Website Maintenance. We offer ongoing technical support & maintenance for websites.

UK-Based & Family Run. Friendly, local support for your UK-based business from ours.

Mobile & Desktop. We use the best design practices to appease the internet gods.
Pay your way. We offer affordable payment options for every business.

We want to make your website the best it can be


Family Run & UK Based Web Design Company. Oh My.

FAS Media believes websites should be beautiful, functional and easy to use. Our web designers will create a site that reflects your brand and helps you achieve your goals.

We offer a range of website design services, including logo design, responsive website design, eCommerce web design, content management system (CMS) web design, SEO services & website best practices, social media marketing and much more.

We are a small family-run website development company based in London. We specialise in creating bespoke websites for small businesses across the UK that exude your brand and identity.

We use the latest technologies in web design to create beautiful websites that help your business grow online. And we can support you as you grow with website maintenance, SEO, PPC and more. If you are looking for a London web design company that loves to exceed its customers’ expectations, please get in touch today. We are happy to help.

Creative web design agency in London

Our skilled, talented in-house web designers & web developers work with our creative team and graphic designers to deliver your dream website through creative web design. We work hard to ensure your website excels on both technical and creative fronts.

As a London web design agency, we work with local and national companies to turn your web design concepts into reality, helping your business reach its online potential in any way we can, either through excellent web design using UI & UX to improve customer satisfaction or through online marketing to reach your audience.

Web design London

We provide everything a London business needs to succeed online, from web design and hosting to online marketing and print production. Let us help you get your business noticed online.

All of our websites are optimised for search engines from the start using SEO best practices for site structure, URLs, speed and security, which give you the best foundation to grow. We also make sure our web designs work across mobile and desktop computers.
Mobile & Desktop. We use the best design practices to appease the internet gods.

UK-Based & Family Run. Friendly, local support for your UK-based business from ours.

Pay your way. We offer affordable payment options for every business.

Web design is our passion. Building websites that are simple for customers and our clients to use.

Website Maintenance. We offer free ongoing technical support for websites.

Bespoke Website Design. Made Just for you.


How can we help?

We're a full-service web design agency.

We don't want to brag, but we can design amazing things with our graphic designers, create depth in 3D, and even have video gear that can shoot videos higher than 4K and in Raw format. We don't just design websites; we can make every part, including beautiful imagery, video content, and graphical elements. We are creative enough to handle any web design project. We are more than a web design company; we are a full-service company that helps large and small businesses with websites, design, print, marketing services, video production, and more.

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Web Design Services in London

We build websites that are engaging and beautiful. We like to learn about our clients so we can tailor the website to them and their company's character. Coding and designing websites since childhood, we are constantly learning and looking out for what's next.

Our focus is on creating responsive and beautifully designed websites, from one-page 'business card' sites to e-commerce solutions and news sites.

eCommerce solutions.

eCommerce can be daunting when you first start. How do you set up your shop? How do you list all of your products? How do you get your first sale? We can help set up your shop, list your products and get your first sale. Our E-commerce web development is built to help you succeed. As part of the package, we can list your products or help you learn how to list them yourself. We will show you the best ways to use the platform and help you figure out online sales if you need help. Setting up an online shop doesn't have to be daunting.

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Our Web Projects


Here are some we made earlier...

Sunflower House Nursery Website front page
Sunflower House Nursery Website front page 2
Sunflower House Nursery Website front Location page

Questions? Answered.

I want a website. What do I need?

You need a domain which looks like this:, and you need hosting. Even though they are both needed in some way to have a website, they are sold separately for many reasons! For example, I have many domains but only a handful of hosting packages that those domains point to. Some customers have two or three websites with unique domains running on one hosting package. As we said earlier, some hosting is more powerful and capable than others, so can host many websites.

You could also register a domain such as and direct it to your Facebook or Twitter page if you were so inclined. A domain is fairly versatile because you can use it in many different ways.

Can you take care of everything?

Yes, we buy and set up the hosting and domain for many of our customers and then create and manage the website. This gives you the benefits of never having to look under the bonnet or worry about security patches, updates and backups. We can tailor the service to your needs, but we can also take care of as much or as little as you want us to. We are here to help when you need us.

Do I need to buy the domain and hosting first?

No, not at all. We can advise on the best hosting for the project you are working on. For example, the bigger the site, the better the hosting should be, more memory, faster processors etc., so we are always happy to advise you on what you need. Since GDPR and general website security have become increasingly important, it is also a good idea to get a hosting solution that includes an SSL/TLS certificate as standard, as it can work out cheaper getting it all at once than at a later date.

I already have hosting and domain, can I use them?

With a domain, yes, you can use that. It doesn’t matter where a domain is registered; there is always a workaround to get that working (if you have access to the account it was registered in).

Hosting is different; if you want to run a static HTML website, then you need the bare minimum hosting. If you want to run any kind of PHP or a fully-fledged CMS (content management system) such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento etc., you will need hosting with more power under the hood.

But with most modern hosting packages, that should be fine. We can often build and deploy a website on pre-existing servers or hosting packages without issue.

How many pages do I need?

That depends on a few things, but the simple answer is as many as you want! We have built 1-page “business card" websites and helped set up sites with hundreds, if not thousands, of unique pages. But the standard is in-between.

Firstly, what are the goals of your website? Are you an online shop or a business just starting and trying to reach an audience?

Standard pages are the home page, the first page you see, and therefore the only page every website has, without a doubt. Other standard pages include: About us, services, contact, or a version of those pages. Whereas any other pages may depend on your market or area of expertise. While you may have the services you offer, you may also have a portfolio of previous work, gallery, or similar.

Some businesses have more than one location, so it can be helpful to list your locations or coverage areas.

But do I NEED a page for each of these?

No,  you should have a page limit that you are comfortable with, and each of these could be condensed onto page one, but it is a good idea to spread them out, so people can find exactly the information they require. For example, having 'contact' in the menu of small business websites has become more than a trend - it is a design axiom. And it helps would-be customers get to the contact page quickly and easily, as they can click the link within seconds of the homepage loading.

There is also something to be said for SEO, and Google’s algorithm has been shown to favour websites with more pages, and it believes it is a valuable trust/longevity factor. So, for example, Ford, Facebook, Mercedes, LEGO, and Wikipedia sites have thousands of pages. Though the algorithm's value on the number of pages might be small when trying to rank higher than your competitor, every little help.

Do you make SEO optimised websites?

The simple answer is yes! SEO is a separate discipline from website design; however, as part of our web design and website development process, we always ensure that we create a website that ticks the SEO best practices checkboxes.

There are a lot of parts to a good SEO strategy. Still, when it comes to designing and building a website, optimisation is about using search engine-friendly URLs, careful metadata optimisation, speed, and security.

Our UK-based SEO team optimises your website to ensure that your website and company have the best start possible to being found online.

Once the site is live, we offer ongoing digital marketing solutions, including SEO services tailored to your requirements to help your business grow online.

Do you help with the website once it's up and running?

We offer standard customer support with every website design project. We have 30 days of free support after the site goes live in case you missed anything before we flicked the switch. And we offer a year of managed hosting, ensuring everything runs smoothly. After that, we have various affordable options covering hosting fees, management, etc. We also provide training, walkthroughs and documentation on request.

We use one of the internet's best platforms as our CMS of choice, mainly for its vast community of people that share their knowledge freely.

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Related Web Services

We have been providing web design services in London for many years and have become trusted partners with many local and national businesses. We can help with more than just website design; we also provide other digital services (and some non-digital) that can complement web design.

We offer graphic design services, printing, SEO, PPC, and online marketing. While also providing filming and video production services. We have also helped people learn about websites, SEO, and content creation, including tutorials and workshops on WordPress, Photoshop and Illustrator, to name a few.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Graphic Design

FAS SEO - isometric 3D phone with 3d shop coming out of screen

Digital Marketing & SEO Services

We have helped many local and national businesses improve their search engine rankings and boost their business with search engine optimisation. For those that don't know what SEO is, answer this; would you build a shop in the middle of nowhere and not tell people it's there? No signposts? No flyers? Posters? A website without SEO is precisely that. "But google will know it exists!" I hear you cry. Maybe, but there are millions of websites, so why should Google care about yours? You need to give it a little helping hand, a little boost! That's SEO, and that is precisely what we do. Talk to us today to discuss your next marketing strategy.

Printing Services

Why stop at a beautiful new website? It’s time to tell the world or maybe just your local area. Get some flyers printed, a new business card to match the new website, and maybe some letterheads.

Our experienced team has many years experience in print design and print production, so can help you make the impression that you need to make, from creation to production. We can help advise you on requirements and how to get the best for your budget. Get in touch to see how we can help.

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Graphic Design

Our graphic designers are on hand to design bespoke logos, icons, and illustrations to complement your website and make it stand out from the crowd.

Our ability to create artwork ranging from icons to full illustrations and logos sets us apart as a full-service digital agency. But we promise that just because we can handle all aspects of a web design project, we still exceed our customer’s expectations for quality. Taking care of every detail with precision and care.


Bing + Google Ads


Facebook Ads


Email Marketing


Instagram Ads